A touch of neon

I must admit it has been a while since I wore heels. It’s just that I’m not wearing heels lately. But today I had a lunch date with a good friend of mine. And I thought since I’m going to the city, I should look good. LOL! Well you never know who you will see in the city of Amsterdam ^.^ To make my look pop, I wore a neon blouse. =)) Blouse from River Island, blazer from Bershka Shoes from S.Oliver Please hype this look on Lookbook! and you can also follow me on JuicyModelAgency


Black & White

As I’ve previously mentioned, I was in Barcelona. So this next outfit post was again taken in Barcelona. Anyway on to my outfit, I wore a simple black top and paired them with white mini lace shorts because I really coudn’t be bothered to dress up that day. My look was more on the casual side. ZARA blouse, H&M lace shorts RIVER ISLAND bracelets and rings, FOREVER21 necklace After the long tiring walks that day, it was finally time for dinner. My boyfriend and I saw this restaurant called El Gran Cafe located somewhere in the side corners of Ramblas. I REALLY REALLY RECOMMEND IT (as you can probably tell by the capslock statement)!!!! We really had one of our best meal here! Shrimp and salmon carpaccio, YUM =) Best onion soup I ever had! My boyfriend had a steak tartar for his main course which is really good too. My lamb racks. For the dessert we shared this awesome chocolate fondant which was divine. After our good meal, we did managed to went out that night. We went to this club called OPIUM located at Barceloneta near the beaches. This club was really classy, chique and fancy. The entrance was free but watch out for the drinks, it was really expensive. But inspite of that we had an incredible time. It was really pretty inside btw! A MUST VISIT in Barcelona! Please hype this look on Lookbook! and you can also follow me on JuicyModelAgeny


The Night Is Young

I know, I know! I just recently blog about my high low dress on my last post. But I can’t help it, I’m just a big fan of high low dresses or skirts. This was also the last dress I wore in Barcelona. So bear with me. ^.^

dress from FOREVER21

necklace from FOREVER21

high heels from the Philippines but I don’t know the brand, so sorry

earrings from RIVER ISLAND




Light in the Dark

Here’s another one of my looks taken in Barcelona. Sorry for the fact that I took the pictures at night again, it was just to hot during the day. And I’m quite short tempered when it’s really hot. You could ask my boyfriend! HAHAH, LOL! On to my outfit! Isn’t it fun when you see a trend, that you haven’t worn before, that is as accessible as it is flattering? Well that is how I feel about the high low look. I love the shorter look in the front to show off a little leg, but you also gain some length in the back to keep it conservative.

My dress is sheer fabric so you can actually see through it, if you look really close to the dress I’m also wearing a tight dress underneath.

Smiling super happily again.

Lost in the streets.

dress from FOREVER21

necklace from FOREVER21

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Hello there again, I went to Barcelona with my boyfriend last week and I just wanna share you guys some pictures on my first day!

This was our hotel, it was located near the Ramblas, so it was easy to get by through the city.

Beautiful streets of Barcelona.

First outfit post in Barcelona! =) At the busy streets of Ramblas.p>


 ZARA lace blouse

 Here is the backside of my blouse. I love how it’s open at the back, it’s simple but yet a little bit sexy.

 BERSHKA shorts and RIVER ISLAND slippers.

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First step: To try

Well hello everyone! Cheers to my very 1st post. My name is Dana Molar, 21 years of age and currently living in Amsterdam, but I was born in Manila, Philippines..

I’ve always wanted to blog but I’ve always been hesitant about it. Maybe because i follow a lot of bloggers and i envy their dedication on their blogs. They are just amazing. Sometimes I find myself dreaming about their lives and like how they dress. I know it’s kinda creepy right. So yeah instead of that I’ve finally convince myself to just blog!

Here’s a little something about me. I used to be a very shy girl. I think that most people who meet me today would never believe that I was ever shy. But I’m happy to say I finally overcome my shyness. Most of the time, my shyness doesn’t show anymore ( just a little bit then ), and I actually can be very talkative on occasion. I learned to stop criticizing myself whenever I spoke and just let the words flow. Also I am a simple girl, very down to earth and enjoys life.

Oh yeah! And you guys are probably wondering about my blog title! Hihihihi! Yes I have this hype for fashion! LOL! I just love fashion! Super love shopping especially when i have loads of money which rarely happens! LMAO! I will mostly blog about fashion, what i wear and a little bit of my daily life.

I hope you will enjoy my blog and feel free to comment!

P.S. Follow me on http://www.juicymodelagency.com/ on blogs because I will mostly be blogging for them. And Im also on lookbook too http://lookbook.nu/danafrancelle

Love, Dana

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